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University of Michigan School of Music Graduate and America's Got Talent Alumni Member

My background as a performer has fueled my passion to teach and learn. We are constantly evolving as artists and I want to help you and your career, talents, and purpose flourish. Singing is not just about the technique, but about the soul and the story being told. It's about diving into something deeper than yourself and letting an audience explore parts of themselves they may have kept hidden away.

I work with clients and students of all ages and stages of their singing careers. Be it professionals, beginners, or those just looking to try something new.

One of my favorite parts of teaching has been watching my students grow. They have gone on to sing on Broadway, become Praise and Worship Leaders, and are always the show stopper at any open mic night.

Not only this, but I am beyond proud and always astounded at how far they can go. Making their way onto their own talent and reality shows like America's Got Talent, Showtime at the Apollo, and The Voice.

I utilize my technical background and schooling with my industry experience to deliver a full service and fully tailored approach to your voice and instrument.

Prepare for college auditions, battle out the competition, impress your friends with your killer pipes, or just do something you love.

Together, we will go over harmonies, vocal placements, correct posture, toning and tuning, and developing your unique sound.

To schedule a consultation or find out how you can receive voice lessons, please fill out the following information and someone from our team will contact you. Thank you!
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